The Ultimate Audible Originals Review in 2021

Audible Originals Review

Do you love to read books but don’t have enough time? Have you ever wanted to try Audiobook apps but doubt their capability? Then Audible is here to give the answers to all of your questions. Audible is one of the most used audiobook service providers in the world. With more than three hundred thousand titles in its database, you can get every audiobook you want if you purchase a premium membership. Besides, it has a special section called Audible Originals. What is Audible Original? Okay, hold there. This article will take you through an Audible Originals review where you will get answers to each of your questions about Audible Originals. So, let’s jump in.

What is Audible Originals?

As the leading producer and source of quality audio entertainment, Audible creates a perfect genre-specific audiobook section for its listeners. Audible Originals is a unique section of Audible where you can get premium audiobooks. These audiobooks can not be found on any other audiobook apps available on the internet. This is what makes Audible Originals special.

Difference between an Audiobook and Audible Originals?

The main difference between all other audiobooks and Audible Originals is Audible Originals are narrated by professional voice artists and these are a unique version of a printed book or ebook or podcasts. No, there is no chance to find these premium titles on another app. Audible Originals can give you the test of the better-narrated audiobooks version of your favorite book.

A brief about Audible Originals Credits

Audible Monthly Plan and Credits

Audible credit is like a token. You can buy any audiobook with one credit, it doesn’t matter what the actual price of that audiobook is. In the credit system, one credit is equal to one book. If you are an Audible Premium Plus user, you will get one free credit every month. You can use that credit to purchase an audiobook. Each credit has one year of validity from the issuance date.

How to find Audible Originals?

Audible Originals has a boundless collection of premium audiobooks, series, and podcasts. So, no matter if you love a specific genre, you can get that too. Besides, it has options like New Comers, Editor’s peak, Family audiobooks, Best Audible Originals, and highly rated Originals. So you can pick whatever you want, there is no bound. Just go through their Originals section. You do not have to worry about this limiting the contents of your audiobook. Amazon Audible Originals contains thousands of hours of great literature along with top-selling authors include: Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Mark Antony, and Cleopatra, and many others. However, Audible regularly releases a bunch of new Audible Originals every month in their Originals section.

How to get Audible Originals?

To get Audible Originals you have to purchase its membership (Affiliate Link). It has two types of memberships, one is Audible Plus and another is Audible Premium Plus. So if you purchase for one of the memberships, you will get access to Audible Originals. Then to listen to Audible Originals, you have to pay for that Originals audiobook. Audible plus costs $7.95 for a month for Plus and Audible Premium Plus costs $14.95 for a month. But before purchasing, you will get a free trial option for 30 days. Besides, you can get extended trial time if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing an Audible Subscription please read the comprehensive review.

Tips to getting Free Audible Originals

Ok, it is a very common question asked by many. Well, there are options to get free Audible Originals. When you purchase a premium subscription you will automatically get two credits for free. You can purchase Audible Originals audiobooks with it. Then if you are a Premium Plus subscriber, then you will get one free credit every month. That means you can purchase one Originals title for free every month. Besides if you purchase a stock bundle, you will get free credits. It also has Complimentary Credit and Special Credit which you can get in special offers or as a courtesy. Besides, each month, Audible publishes a list of 6 Originals titles. You can keep two of them without any cost. So there are a lot of options to get free Audible credits and purchase Audible Originals with them.

Is there any difference between Audible Originals and Amazon Audible?

No, there is no difference between them. Actually Audible is a product of Amazon and Audible Originals is a section of Audible. So, basically, they all are the same.

Why should you purchase Audible Originals?

Basically, this Audible Originals Review is a journey to know more about Originals audiobooks. The benefits of listening to an Originals audiobook are plentiful. The ability to sit down and relax with your loved ones and listen to your favorite audiobook. You can listen while commuting to work, driving to and from work, or while you are relaxing at home. Audiobooks also make wonderful gifts for friends and family members. You can share the joy of reading with a loved one and know that the love you receive will be truly sincere. When you choose Amazon Audible Originals, you can be sure that the quality of the Originals audiobook is as good or better than any print version.

Your Questions My Answers

  • Is Audible Originals free?

No, they are not free. You have to purchase them either with Audible Credit or with money. But yes, you can get the first two Originals audiobook titles totally free. Besides, you can add two Audible Originals audiobooks from the list of Audible Originals free titles each month.

  • Do Audible Originals credits rollover?

No, there are no options for Audible credits to rollover. But you can gather not more than six Audible credits in your profile. So, if the quota is full, from next month, the first credit will expire and the latest credit will be added to the list.

  • How many Audible Originals are there?

According to Audible, there are around 300,000 audiobooks and podcasts. Many of them are from Audible Originals. So, it doesn’t have any specific number in there. But you can get boundless Audible Originals series, Audible Originals drama, podcast here.

  • Do Audible Originals credits expire?

Yes, they have a certain period of time. Each Audible credit has a validity of 12 months. If anyone gifts you a credit, then it will remain up to 6 six months. But remember, you cannot store more than 6 credits in your inventory.

  • Is Audible Originals free with prime?

No, the Originals audiobooks are not free with prime. But you can get an extended trial period if you are a user of Amazon Prime.

  • Do I keep Audible Originals?

Yes, you can keep your purchased Audible Originals for a lifetime. They won’t expire even if you cancel your Audible subscription. You will be still allowed to browse those audiobooks you have purchased.

Final words

For people who like to have an unlimited supply of great audio titles to choose from, Audible Originals is truly second to none. No matter what type of reader you prefer, you are bound to find a title that will be of interest to you. By listening to your favorite book, or just flipping through the latest best-seller, you will be able to bring more pleasure to your busy life. When you choose Amazon Audible Originals, you can have the book that you want immediately. Hope you enjoyed this Audible Originals Review.

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