Why Can’t I Buy Audible Books on My iPhone

Why Can’t I Buy Audible Books on My iPhone [Solved]

To avoid the insane 30% commission charged by Apple, all iOS users must use the Safari or any other browser to purchase their favorite Audible audiobooks. It sounds annoying, but that’s the simple truth.

So yes, they do this trouble just for money! And there is no way around it if you are using an app from their app store to buy any digital products. They call it the IAP (in-app-purchase) requirement.

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Now, before you blame Apple for this greedy looking behavior, let me remind you that, you are not alone! A lot of iPhone or iPad users are really pissed off about this.

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So, what is it really?

When you use any such apps, both Apple and Google (at least for some cases) require you to route your payment through their payment gateway system. 

And for this, they take a huge cut. Meaning, Audible/Amazon would have to pay a huge cut for each transaction. For obvious reason, Amazon does not want to give this cut to Apple.

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Let me give you an example of why.

Let’s say you are using the Audible app on your iPhone and you are paying $10 for an audiobook. The payment will go via Apple and they will first cut $3 as their own cut and send $7 to Amazon!

That’s the simple reason Amazon doesn’t allow you to buy any Audible book that way. Can you blame them? That’s the simple reason you are wondering why can’t I buy Audible books on my iPhone!

Now, of course, it sounds unreasonable and some litigations are happening right now to abolish this system! But until it gets resolved, you must use your Safari browser.

Use the mobile browser, log in to your account, and buy any audiobooks you like. Now, open the app from your iPhone and go to your library. You will see your newly purchased books there!

The Shortcut Way

To reduce your pain even slightly, there is a shortcut way to buy your books from Audible using your iPhone. Yes, it still involves the browser but it will save you some precious time.

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You do the settings once and you will rip the benefit for a long time to come! Just follow the process:

  1. From your iPhone, log in to your Audible account using the Safari browser.
  2. There is a Share Icon that looks like this. Tap it, scroll down, and tap where it says ‘Add to Home Screen.
  3. Give a name to your shortcut like ‘Audible Shopping’.
  4. Next, click on ‘Add’ and you will see your shortcut on your iPhone’s home screen. 

Next time when you plan to buy another book, just click your shortcut and it will take you to the Audible website. No need to open the browser and write the URL again and again!

Guide to buy audible audiobooks on iphone or ipad.

Sum Up

I don’t see Apple abolish this annoying system anytime soon. So, without being disturbed and damaging your mental health, use the shortcut I just showed you above. 

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