Welcome to my website. I am Carolyn, live in California, USA. I Love listening to audiobooks the whole day long. I’ve finished most of my favorite audiobooks already. Since 2013 I start listening to audiobooks on Audible and still listening to the new audiobooks, originals, podcasts, and news. I love to sing and watch fiction movies. In my pleasure time, I tried to write something new for my visitors.

On this website, I try to write how-to guides as well as new books update and the most popular legendary books that everyone should have to read. In the Audible Guide section, most of the articles are related to audible as I mention I am a big fan of audible audiobooks. The reason is very clear that Audible has a large number of original audiobooks, podcasts, and magazines that have not anywhere.

Audiobooks those I’ve included on my website for information purposes are populated by millions of readers on audible, amazon, Goodreads. After analyzing user’s reviews properly, I listed them on my website for review and information purposes.

Most of you come from the google search that you are seeking audiobooks of someone. I try that way if someone searches for something my website would come on the first page.

Most of my articles are searched by the users on google and I tried to help them reach their query.

My mission is to give the best possible information to my visitors related to newly released audiobooks, popular audiobooks, book reviews, upcoming books, and new and popular audiobooks apps.

Contact me if you have any queries or abuse by the following:

carolyn.readers (at) gmail (dot) com

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