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The 10 Best John Grisham Audiobooks All the Time

You must have heard the name, John Grisham. He was a great author in his time. In fact, at present, a large number of people love his writings. And they search for his best-written collections.

Whatever, we have come to you with the famous author John Grisham audiobooks. We have come with the audiobooks. So, if you want, you can listen to these collections of this great writer.

10 Best John Grisham Audiobooks

1. A Time for Mercy: A Jake Brigance Novel

A Time for Mercy by John Grisham

Narrator: Michael Beck

If someone asks me which book will be a good readable book? Then I will suggest reading this one. It is a readable book for everyone. You can easily read this book and also can understand the story. You will feel no hesitation in understanding the story, I assure you that.
The story is also beautiful and you will enjoy it a lot if you listen to it.
So, my request to you please read it once.
You must love it.

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2. The Guardians: A Novel

The Guardians by john grisham

Narrator: Michael Beck

The story is Heartbreakingly beautiful. Yes, you will fall in love with this story! It is too good. Grisham hits it out of the park with this one. The novel sets the scene for the exoneration for wrongful imprisonments of many innocent people. The story was written based on a true story.
This one is one of the finest books of Grisham. You must like it If you listen to the audiobook anytime. So, in your free time, you can listen to it once to have a great time.

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3. Camino Island: A novel

Camino Island by John Grisham

Narrator: January LaVoy

You may like the Paper-thin characters of this novel as it is a unique character to see. When I read it, I liked the characters. And that was my first time reading a novel that has paper-thin characters. Whatever, I have recommended this book to you all because I think you will also enjoy this novel like me. And I normally suggest people read these books which I loved.
I have known that the readers who have read this book, most of them, enjoyed this one. So, you can listen to it anytime you like.

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4. Camino Winds: Camino, Book 2

camino winds by john grisham

Narrator: Michael Beck

It is another great book by Grisham!
It is a great one because it is really good to read. Anyone can easily understand the story without any hesitation. You Won’t feel bored whenever you read it. Because the story is interesting. Who has already read this book, can understand how fine the book and story are!

Whatever, I am offering you to read this one. So, you need not read. You have to just listen. And I am suggesting you read this one If you are a Grisham fan you will enjoy it, I think.

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5. The Reckoning: A Novel

the reckoning by john grisham

Narrator: Michael Beck

If anyone wants to spend at least 1/3 of the book to get to know about the history lesson on Gen Mc Author and Japan’s takeover of the Philippines then it’s for them. They will enjoy the book.

And another good news is if anyone wants to enjoy a thriller like the authors earlier books, not sad but tedious this will be the best book for them.

I think it is a great work of the writer John Grisham. So, I recommend this one also to read for the Grisham lovers as well as those who love to read books. So, in your leisure time listen to it once.

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6. Sycamore Row

Sycamore Row by John Grisham

Narrator: Michael Beck

John Grisham’s original works were just outstanding. He has impressed a large number of people with his work. I think he was rushing to attract the entire world’s readers, not only the English.

Whatever, this book is fantastic as the other one. The story is a bit suspension. It will hold your attention by not revealing what 8-year-old Ancil saw until the very end.

Besides, the question you will want to know while reading the book that is why Hubbard left all that money to Lettie?
Whatever, After reading the full story you will get all the answers.

My suggestion to all of you to listen to the audio record of this book once.
At least, to know the answer of why Hubbard left all that money to Lettie? You have to listen to it once.

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7. The Last Juror: A Novel

The Last Juror by John Grisham audiobook

Narrator: Michael Beck

I have read almost all of his books. This was the first which I couldn’t put down. In this book, he has written the description of Clanton, Mississippi and it was perfectly described. You won’t believe it! But, it is true that while reading the story it pulled me in until I felt I was standing in the town square, saying good morning to the people, smelling the cafes, hearing the mosquitoes buzzing, feeling the heat and humidity.

The characters are true to life. And while reading, I felt I could hear their voices and their Mississippi accents.
Whatever, The story is just as interesting as the other one.

And based on the story, a movie has been made. But the movie isn’t as good as this outstanding novel. So, listen to the audio record once to feel like me.

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8. The Racketeer

the racketeer by john grisham

Narrator: J.D. Jackson

It is another winner for Grisham! I’ve read this book before. But at first, I couldn’t understand the story as I read it fast. But I enjoyed reading them the second time probably more than the first time. As I read the whole story carefully as well as more of the small interesting details.

And I think Grisham is about the best at details describer yet and he doesn’t get bogged down in them. Grisham described the characters of this book nicely unlike the others. I think he did a fantastic job of developing his characters in his book.

Whatever, if you read it once, you will feel like you know them personally. His storylines are always good, you know that. Overall, it is a fantastic book.

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9.The Testament: A Novel

The Testament by john grisham

Narrator: Frank Muller

Everyone should read this book as the story is interesting. So, you will enjoy it. And I mentioned everyone because the book was easy to read and easy to follow. So, no one will feel hesitation in understanding the story. That’s why anyone can read it easily.

The hero of the story is also interesting. if that’s what he is, is a drunk. He has two wives two divorces, four kids, and not many redeeming qualities. The story fast started in the jungle. And the whole story is full of twists and enjoyment.

It’s really enjoyable. So, if anyone reads this book or listens to the audio record of this book they will enjoy it.

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10.The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town

The Innocent Man by john grisham

Narrator: Craig Wasson

Grisham is just the best! And he proved it again by writing this one. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you want to slap some crooked cops around. Seriously, you will feel like that.

I love this book and it is his first nonfiction and he slams it out of the park, absolute home run. I got this book because of the Netflix series based on the infamous Ada cases. If someone asks my opinion about this book, I would say that the book is better than the series.

So, I recommend you all to listen to the audiobook of this series. You will enjoy it much.

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I think these John Grisham audiobooks are the best option for all of you if you want to enjoy listening to something.

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