8 Best Warhammer Fantasy Audiobooks Recommended for You

Best Warhammer Fantasy Audiobooks

On many occasions, we hear from a book lover-” So many books, so little time”. In today’s fast-going world, audiobooks are the most useful way to learn about books. You can keep as many books as you want, as well as you will get relief from bearing extra weight. 

Today I’m going to discuss the 8 Best Warhammer Fantasy Audiobooks for you by popular choice. Warhammer’s fantasy world has already proved to be a worthy series of books. You will lose with high precision detailing of characters and narrative style in this fantasy realm.

Let’s jump to see the 8 best Warhammer Fantasy audiobooks you must listen to.

8 Best Warhammer Fantasy Audiobooks

1. Daemonslayer (Gotrek and Felix volume Three)

Daemonslayer: Gotrek and Felix: Warhammer Chronicles, Book 3

Written by: William King

William King, a black library well-decorated author, has written more than 30 novels in the arena of the sci-fi and fantasy world. His Gotrek and Felix series must-read book series who want to learn about war hammer fantasy.

Narrated by: Jonathan Keble

Jonathan Keebler is a multitasking audio performer starting from theaters’ to TV shows to audiobooks. In his total career, his voice received multiple awards for his contribution to many books. 

Why is the Daemonslayer so popular?

The story narrative shows its highest potential to touch fantasy lovers’ hearts. Gotrek and Felix a dwarf and a human character of the story show their deepest feelings of companionship and fond attachment in a relatively fun way. From a recent battle with rat-god servants to advancing towards the lost dwarf hall Karag Dum, they show tremendous endeavor in their life and death questions. With the rise in evil daemonic powers, the story proves to be a hyperexcitable one.

Book link: Get the Audiobooks on Audible

2. Skavenslayer (Gotrek and Felix volume Two)

Skavenslayer: Gotrek and Felix: Warhammer Chronicles, Book 2

Written by: William King (one of the best authors of Black Library and writer of Warhammer Chronicles series)

Narrated by: Jonathan Keeble (multitasking personality, works as radio performer and voice artist)

Why is Skavenslayer so popular?

Skavenslayer is the second book of the Warhammer chronicle series depicting the rise of two unsung heroes Gotrek and Felix. The ambition of chaos rat-man, Skaven, from uncovering the empire to shattering into destruction with his unthinkable and mystical sorcery, depicts the beginning plots. Another great soccer, Grey seer tranquil, combined his army to destroy human civilization. Gotrek and Felix jeopardized their lives to save the human realms from such destructive force. Will they be able to force them to move backward?

Book link: Get the Audiobooks on Audible

3. Nagash, The Undying King

Nagash: The Undying King: Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Written by: Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds is a creative black library author well-known for giving life to fantasy characters. From a wide array of works, the Age of Sigmar is one of his most prominent creations. Again, he reawakened the character of Nagash and acted to play him the role of antagonist beautifully.

Narrated by: Emma Gregory

Emma is a British actress by her birth. She has a fabulous career as a voice artist. This author worked for many history and biography channels. Her contribution of giving her voice to various radio tiles is well- appreciated by listeners. She holds a good record of quickly sold out of her audiobooks.

Why is Nagash the Undying King so popular?

Nagash is one of the most zestful characters of the Warhammer fantasy world. The story begins with Tamra, a governor like an entity of the rictus clan, who is struggling to save her rest of the people from the deadly clutches of rot bringers and daemon of Nurgle. There was a call for Nagash, the great sorcerer, to rise again to save his people. But in this whole journey, Tamra takes chances on life and death endeavor to save her people, joining hands with anguish. The dramatic changes in the story from a battle losing Nagash to rising Nagash- the savior makes this book a masterpiece.

Book link: Get Audiobooks on Amazon

4. Trollslayer (Gotrek and Felix volume One)

Trollslayer: Gotrek and Felix: Warhammer Chronicles, Book 1

Written by: William King (one of the best author of Black Library and writer of Warhammer Chronicles series)

Narrated by: Jonathan Keeble (multitasking personality, works as radio performer and voice artist)

Why Trollslayer is so popular?

This is the beginning book of the Gotrek and Felix’s saga. The book is plotted with many adventure stories performed by Gotrek and Felix. They both have quite similar fate and rejected from their home town. After being rejected from their homes, their luck struck together and we come to see the legend of Gotrek and Felix. Gotrek and Felix, an ax slayer and a poetic swordsman destroy all the villains with their mighty powers and bold stewardship.

Book link: Get the Audiobooks on Audible

5. Kinslayer

Kinslayer: Warhammer Chronicles

Written by: William King (one of the best author of Black Library and writer of Warhammer Chronicles series)

Narrated by: Jonathan Keeble (multitasking personality, works as radio performer and voice artist

Why Kinslayer is so popular?

Usual guys, celebrating their general life with family, got their rise as not less than a legend. It’s a tale of two friends conquering the world not by brutal force through their extreme adventurous nature. They have now settled down but with the rise of need, they reunited with each other. Now they have Kislev with them during the end times fight the dark of troll king along with Ulrika, Snorri, and Max. But the difficulty arises when old secrets came into light and then torn apart. Will they reunite again and fight back evil or how will they do so? Listen to the audio version.

Book link: Get the Audiobooks on Audible

6. Soul Wars

Soul Wars: Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Book 1

Written by: Josh Reynolds

Narrated by: Andrew Wincott

Why Soul Wars is so popular?

In soul wars, ballet is not for kingdoms. Here they fight for their souls. The undying mighty king, Nagash, calls for all soulless regions for his dominion. His fight moved forward by capturing the city of Glymmsforge. But in the path of Nagashand his order, Alvis Heldenhammer, and Lord-Castellant Pharus Thaum, guardian of the Ten Thousand Tombs came as an obstacle. Thus they start the war of souls unclosing the doors of the war of heaven and death. Even it will be harsh for sigma’s decedents to stop the bloody battle of death.

Book link: Get the Audiobooks on Audible

7. Sons of Behemat

Sons of Behemat: Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Written by: Graeme Lyon

Narrated by: Tom Alexander, Beth Chalmers, Steve Colin. Richard Garton, Toby Longworth, Richard reed

Why are the Sons of Behemat so popular?

You will go through the exciting tales of the sons of Behemat. They are the sons of a might godlike beast surprise you with their destruction role in the story. From Kraken eater to gate breaker to war stomper, you see them touch your heart with fear as an enemy. You will be panicked if you are preparing for the last fight back- this what a soldier experiences in a war. Experience the story of their power narrated in a sharp voice.

Book link: Get the Audiobooks on Audible

8. Realmslayer

Realmslayer: Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Written by: David Guymer 

Narrated by:  Grace Andrews (Narrator), John Banks (Narrator), Andrew Fetes (Narrator), Kelly Hotten (Narrator), Matthew Hunt (Narrator), Jonathan Keeble (Narrator), Penelope Rawlins (Narrator), Richard Reed (Narrator), Joe Shire (Narrator), Brian Blessed (Narrator) 

Why is Realmslayer so popular?

Gotrek’s permission, the dwarf monster slayer has returned back to the realm of chaos to fight against daemons. But this time, he is alone and searching for his friend Felix in the mortal realms. He saw a new era emerges where gods have to walk for the move, and dark power is rising in full bloom. Now he sees new challenges of so-called eternal. He just wants to find the peace which he wants during his death. There is a lot to uncover in the audio about how Gotrek completes his journey.

Book Link: Get the Audiobooks on Audible

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