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Richard armitage audiobooks

My approach is to aware of information that helps you to decide. Richard Armitage is one of the finest examples of voice-over artists. He gets his international recognition from his notable work in the Peter Jackson film trilogy in the hobbit. Let see some of his best audible works by popular choice.

The 10 Best Richard Armitage Narrated Audiobooks

1. The Tattooist of Auschwitz

The Tattooist of Auschwitz A Novel

Author Name: Heather Morris
Narrated by: Richard Armitage
Published by: Harper Audio

Love and fear belong to the opposite aspects of human life. When both come together, bravery becomes an essential part of human life. The story of the book upholds such a brave guy, Lale Sokolov, who is living with a promise.
Now, it is the month of April 1942. The world war and German forces are rising at their peaks. A young boy is at the concentration camp at Auschwitz Birkenau. After a few days of encounters, His detainers understand the boy as talented as he knows several languages.
At the concentration camp, young Lale becomes a tattooist, and his job is to symbolize his fellow prisoners until death. He meets a young lady named Gita and falls into her love. Time is difficult, but they never lost hope. They promise to survive and marry each other.
But the days are not going easy. Every day they are suffering from barbarism and cruelty, but they still live with their hope of life and love.
The story is evidence of how love rises in the most unfavorable time and how we fight back to live it.

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2. The Other People

The Other People

Author Name: C. J. Tudor

Narrated by: Richard Armitage and Ellie Kendrick

Published by: Random House Audio

The book, The Other People, is a magnificent thriller by C.j. Tudor. Gabe, the father of a daughter, is searching for justice. But the man is stuck with what kinds of justice he should have.
Gabe was returning home and suddenly saw a five-year-old girl calling him daddy. Izzy was abducted and taken out in an old rusty car. The father failed to save her.
The number of years is going up, Gabe is still searching for the old car where he saw her daughter for the last time. Though he discovers the car in a dumped condition, he found a dead body and a reflection of his past.
Will he get his justice or his daughter back? Should he kill the abductor? The mystery still needs to be resolved.

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3. David Copperfield

David Copperfield

Author Name: Charles Dickens

Narrated by: Richard Armitage

Published by: Audible Studios

The story is about a multidimensional guy- David Copperfield. His extra-ordinary ways of life awarded the book the honor of a remarkable epic. The epic-center of the story is David. He meets heroes, villains, and many other significant people in his pathways, and certain interesting things happened. The book is a door towards a branch of new generation stories.
David Copperfield is an impressive work by Charles dickens. He touched his best level of creativity in this book. The arrangement of stories thrilled his all-time decorated audiences. On behalf of Richard, he appends his euphony to excavate the emotions of Charles in presenting the book. The work of Charles is correlated with the life and its ways of pursuing. The audible will offer you the feeling of Charles in the disguise of Richard.

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4. Meditations


Author Name: Marcus Aurelius, Diskin Clay & Martin Hammond

Narrated by: Richard Armitage

Published by: Penguin Audio

The book has reflectins of Roman Stoic philosophy written by Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor. The original work is in the Greek language and for personal use. But in the modern world, it was found out to be premium literature. In addition to Marcus and his work, the book has a touch on Richard and his hard work. He articulated the translation by Diskin Clay and Martin Hammond with great nurture. Matin has portrayed the in-depth emotions in a well- organized way.
The book shows the deep meaning of the Philosophical and spiritual aspects of life. The king prioritizes many philosophical questions about himself and the Universe.
He arranged topics like defining virtues, human nature, the natures of god, and the impact of emotions in his edition. The book also consists of many aphorisms that are widely accepted by intellectuals and common people.
If you desire to learn how stoic philosophy influences life, the book will develop your foundation. The king himself a stoic follower, and he writes his own experience in a vivid manner.

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5. Venetia


Author Name: Georgette Heyer

Narrated by: Richard Armitage

Venetia is a popular addition to Heyer’s book collection. The book is well
Recognized masterpiece where he tells the story of the fun-loving, humanistic nature of the characters. The story gets its flamboyant start with the wonderful lady Venetia. Venetia is the complete incarnation of beauty and smartness together.
It is unexpected but a provincial state gets invaded by Lord Demerel, a furious person in nature. The news spreads everywhere of his past mischievous deeds.
In contrast to a common approach of escaping, Venetia, a girl of peace behavior, encounters and outnumbers Lord Demerele in every possible way. Her wittiness mixes up the beauty and fun-loving attitude that rises a beautiful and character and a book.

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6. Sylvesters


Author Name: Georgette Heyer

Narrated by: Richard Armitage

Published by: Naxos audiobooks

Opinions and emotions shift with circumstances. When you observe someone at first glimpse, you may not be in a welcoming position. But over time and uncertainty, a bunch of new happenings will appear with emotions of variety.
The story is about two young people. The prime one of the book Sylvester, and he is the Duke of Salford. Another key one is an egotistic lady, and her name is Phoebe Marlow. Though her life was tedious and unpleasant, she was always in a hurry with her choices.
But everything between them starts to improve after meeting with Sylvester. The harsh lady is now turning soft towards him. The conditions aren’t similar to what they struggled with at their first meetings. All these are happening after a series of events have taken place between them. The fast-paced narrative of the story makes this a popular choice for the audience.

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7. His and Hers

His and Hers

Author Name: Alice Freeney

Narrated by: Richard Armitage and Stephanie Racine

Published by: HQ

Do you like suspense thrillers? The book is the right choice to have Goosebumps in your heart.
The story is full of secrets and skepticism. Anna, a news reporter, is avoiding herself. The lady has to unscrew the case of a women’s death mystery and her ex-husband is the in-charge officer of the concern.
Jack is about Anna and her involvement. But with time, the case turns around and jack becomes a key concern in his own case. What’s next awaits? Who is telling lies?

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8. The Guilty Ones

The Guilty Ones

Author Name: Joy Ellis

Narrated by: Richard Armitage

Published by: Audible Studios

A mystery arises when jack’s sister-in-law abruptly vanishes. her last appearance was close to the river, where she committed suicide by jumping into the river. Since Sarah is enjoying a happy life family, Jackman and Evans are in surprising condition.
They found out about a similar type of incident that took place recently with her neighbor. Is there any correlation between such events? Or why did she commit such things?
Richard answers these questions away more powerful depicture. The adventure and mystery in the story will amaze you with unpredictable results.

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9. The Bloody Chamber

The Bloody Chamber

Author Name: Angela carter

Narrated by: Richard Armitage & Emilia Fox

Published by: Audible studios

The initial journey of this book series was started in 1979. The book is a collection of superb quality short stories written by Angelia Carter.
Have you ever heard of folklores and fables that relate to reality? Have you felt how a woman natural dark beauty? If you have not met with any such ones, the book earthen several characters in the story of such expectations. Angela shows how a woman should be at her fullest with her dark segments. the book is one of the best in its origin and awarded for such great contributions.

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10. The Strange Case of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Author Name: Robert Louis Stevenson

Narrated by: Richard Armitage

Published by: Audible studios

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is one of the most amazing crime suspense thrillers by Robert Stevenson. The story begins with Mr. Hyde’s daemonic and indomitable nature. Dr.Jekyll becomes frightened after seeing the heinous activity of Mr. Hyde.
Jekyll adds new dimensions to the stories in the pathway of stopping Hyde from his brutal and terrorizing activity. Jekyll must gather evidence against Hyde. He set himself on the journey to investigate his misdeed and to protect humanity.
Robert is a Scottish writer and contributed English literature with the finest of his works. In addition to Richard to his marvelous work, the book will always remain fresh for the upcoming generations.

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