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All Time Popular Fantasy Audiobooks

Who doesn’t love science fiction and fantasy audiobooks? Fantasy is a wonderful open sandbox in which there are gods and monsters, heroes and villains, and a lot of ordinary people with greatness and complicated plotting. These things attract the people in such a way they can’t get rid of it. Here is a list of 15 fantasy audiobooks free. These books are very popular and the narrative of these books is just awesome. Hope you will find great joy in listening to these books.

1. Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Narrator: Jim Donaldson

Frankenstein is regarded as the first true science fiction novel. The genre of this novel is a mixture of horror, science fiction, and historical. It is also considered as one of the most discussed and reviewed books of literature ever written. The story is about a young scientist who dared to challenge the natural order of creation. The scientist Frankenstein researches how to give life to a non-living body and produces a man-monster.

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This book is very popular because of its unique language. Its Narrative style is very excellent which makes it different from other science fiction. The novel is completely helpful for those who want to gain a new perspective on the world of science fiction.

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2. My Soul to Lose

Author: Rachel Vincent
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

My Soul to Lose is a prequel of Rachel Vincent’s young adult series Soul Screamers. The main character of this book is Kaylee Cavanaugh who is a high school student. One Day while shopping at the mall, with her best friend Emma, she sees shadow visions so frightening that she suffers a panic attack. The descriptions of Kaylee’s panic attacks are very horrific.

The author introduces readers to Kaylee and her strange condition very perfectly. The writing style is very friendly. Listeners feel very comfortable while listening to this audiobook.

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3. The Atlantis Gene: The Origin Mystery

Author: A.G. Riddle
Narrator: Stephen Bel Davies

The Atlantis Gene is the first book of A.G. Riddle’s Origin Mystery Series. The genre of this book is a fascinating techno-thriller. The main theme of the story is global biological research, the Atlantis myth, and the theories of human evolution. The two main characters are Dr. Kate Warner and David Vale. The filmic style of writing makes the book unique.

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This audiobook is very popular. Its complex characters and the historical and scientific details of the story will remain in the brain long after finishing the book.

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4. Watchers

Author: Dean Koontz
Narrator: Dean Koontz, Edoardo Ballerini

Watchers are considered one of the best stories ever written by Dean Koontz. The story is about a lonely man Travis Cornell and an intelligent dog named Einstein. The story started with Travis Cornell who is on a trip into the California Mountains finding his spirit of life. At that time he met the dog and gradually they became very good friends.

It is an exciting and carefully designed thrilling story. As a result, it became very popular in America and also all over the world. You must recommend this book to others after reading this book.

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5. Elementals: The Complete Series

Author: Michelle Madow
Narrator: Caitlin kelly

Elementals: The Complete Series is a set of five books which are The Prophecy of Shadows, The Blood of the Hydra, The Head of Medusa, The Portal to Kerberos, and The Hands of Time. The main character is a girl named Nicole Cassidy who is a witch from the Greek gods. The content is based on greek mythology.
Lots of adventure, excitement, magic, and romance make the series very enjoyable and special to the adult young. Adventure lovers will enjoy this book series very much.

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6. The House of Closed Doors

Author: Jane Steen
Narrator: Elizabeth Klett

The story is about a girl named Nell Lillington who suddenly became pregnant outside of marriage and had to go to a ‘Poorhouse’ to give birth to her unwanted baby. The plot of the story is very amazing and exciting. From the first page to the last the writing pattern of this novel is very excellent.

The novel is written in such a way while listening to this audiobook the listener will get a real feel of life. The story has many twists and turns and for this, it became very popular.

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7. The Merman’s Kiss: Mates for Monsters

Author: Tamsin Ley
Narrator: Tamsin Ley

The story is about a young married woman Briana who falls in love with a merman, Zantu. The location of the story is under the sea which gives a unique dimension to this book. The author builds an underwater world very meticulously. A love story between a merman and a human became very popular as it is full of romance, drama, suspense, and passion.

This short story is well written and the characters are well designed. Those who like to read love stories and romance can undoubtedly prefer this book to spend leisure time.

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8. Dragon’s Breath

Author: Michael Gordon
Narrator: Teresa Booth

Dragon’s Breath by Michael Gordon is a very interesting educational book for children. The story is about the value of good dental hygiene. The main character is a little boy named George and his pet dragon joe, who hates brushing. George tries to convince Joe to brush his teeth. This story will help the children to understand the importance of regular brushing.

I think every child should read this book. By reading this book children will come to know the bad effect of not brushing their teeth. So they will be more careful about their health.

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9. The Handmaid’s Tale

Author: Margaret Atwood
Narrator: Claire Danes

Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is an interesting, terrifying, and inspiring novel. It can hold the reader’s interest till the end of the page for its creativity and writing style. The novel is centered around its main character Offred’s internal struggle.
From this book, Atwood wants to give us a message that we should stop valuing the diversity of all people. It also makes a realization among the readers that anything bad or unpleasant things can happen to anyone. This novel will become an inspiration for those who had to struggle in life.

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10. The Wee Free Men

Author: Terry Pratchett
Narrator: Stephen Briggs

The Wee Free Men is an amazingly unique story of Terry Pratchett. This young adult novel is full of excitement, secrecy, drama, and romance. The story is about a girl who meets some little men about 6 inches tall. The flow of the story is very charming. The characters are so enjoyable and very funny.
This novel is for all ages from young to old who want to read a fun story. I recommend everyone should read this popular book for peace of mind. Those who love funny books can listen to this audiobook to get some pleasure.

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11. The Hospital

Author: Keith C. Blackmore
Narrator: R.C. Bray

“The Hospital” is the first short story of Keith C. Blackmore’s “Mountain Man” series. The concept of the story is about a survivor in a destructive city who came from his fortress in search of food. The main character is so amazing and delightful that I want to know more about him eagerly.

Though it is a short story, the concept is very descriptive. I hope everyone will enjoy this short story.

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12. The World Set Free

Author: H. G. Wells
Narrator: Eric Brooks

The World Set Free is H. G. Wells’s famous science fiction. The story is about the hypothesis of a devastating and unregulated type of weapon that the world has never seen before. There is also a great view of the disastrous power of nuclear energy. As the novel is written early in the twentieth century, its writing style is significantly different from other writers.

The plot of this novel is very fantastic and informative. The people who are interested in the history of nuclear energy should read this classic science fiction.

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13. Falling Free

Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
Narrator: Grover Gardner

Lois McMaster Bujold was very talented and one of the best science fiction writers of his time.
His Falling Free is a successful science fiction of having excellent plotting, solid science, awesome character development, and nice scenario-building. The principal character is Miles Vorkosigan. The other two important characters are Leo Graf and Van Atta. Falling Free is full of action and drama in every chapter which makes it enjoyable to its readers.

Falling Free became such a popular book that he won so many awards for his masterpiece work. The writing style is very simple and easy to understand. So, I recommend everyone must read this book at least one time.

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14. Lost Library: An Urban Fantasy Romance

Author: Kate Baray
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

The story is about a young woman named Lizzie Smith who lives a normal life. Once She got a mysterious & unreadable old book. The story is centered on this book trying to solve a mystery. Another important character is John Braxton. The story is combined with humor, romance and the characters are full of life. This well-written story has many twists and turns which makes it popular to its reader.

Moreover, amazing dialogue and interesting characters make the story very appealing. The style of writing kept my attention in such a way that I was lost through the book. Urban fantasy book lovers must read this book.

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15. Live Free or Die: Troy Rising

Author: John Ringo
Narrator: Mark Boyett

Live Free or Die is one of the best science fiction books by John Ringo. In this story, John Ringo wants to show how just one man can save the world. The book is a mixture of science fiction, space opera, alien invasion, social explanation, and humor. The main character is arrogant, not super at anything but very brilliant and imaginative.

The main characteristic of this book is, it is very lively & entertaining. Science fiction lovers can read this book to get some pleasant feelings.

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The above list is the all-time best fantasy audiobooks for the readers. These books will take you from sparkling palaces to hazy mountains, from forests to magical worlds created by the greatest authors. I think you all love these fantasy audiobooks free.

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