Best Books about Corporate Finance to Read in 2024

Best Books about Corporate Finance

Looking for the best books about corporate finance? “Principles of Corporate Finance” by Richard A. Brealey and Stewart C. Myers and “Corporate Finance: A Practical Approach” by Michelle R. Clayman, Martin S. Fridson, and George H. Troughton are highly recommended for in-depth knowledge and practical applications in the corporate finance field.

These books cover essential concepts, case studies, and real-world examples to help readers understand and apply corporate finance principles effectively.

Corporate finance is a critical aspect of any business, and having a strong understanding of its principles and applications is instrumental in making informed financial decisions.

Explore my curated list of corporate finance books, each chosen for its insightful approach to complex fiscal challenges.

  • Principles of Corporate Finance by Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Franklin Allen
  • Corporate Finance For Dummies by Michael Taillard
  • Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age by Glenn Hopper
  • Lessons in Corporate Finance: A Case Studies Approach to Financial Tools, Financial Policies, and Valuation by Paul Asquith and Lawrence A. Weiss
  • The Essays of Warren Buffett by Warren Buffett and Lawrence A. Cunningham
  • Project Finance in Theory and Practice: Designing, Structuring, and Financing Private and Public Projects by Stefano Gatti
  • Manias, Panics, and Crashes by Charles P. Kindleberger
  • Mastering Financial Calculations by Bob Steiner
  • Corporate Finance: The Basics by Terence C.M. Tse
  • Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies by McKinsey & Company Inc.
  • The Finance Curse by Nicholas Shaxson
  • The Myth of Capitalism by Jonathan Tepper
  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals: Big Business Theory for SME, Investor or MBA Application by Saad
  • Corporate Finance: A Practical Approach by Michelle R. Clayman, Martin S. Fridson, and George H. Troughton
  • Corporate Finance Made Simple: Corporate Finance Explained in 100 Pages or Less by Mike Piper

Whether you’re a finance professional, a business owner, or a student looking to enhance your knowledge, delving into these recommended books can provide valuable insights and expertise in corporate finance.

Let’s explore the key features and benefits of each book to help you choose the one that best suits your learning needs and goals.

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10 Best Corporate Finance Books To Read

Discover the top 10 recommended corporate finance books, covering essential topics such as mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, and risk management, offering valuable insights for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Explore the fascinating world of corporate finance with these highly acclaimed reads.

Corporate finance is a crucial aspect of business management, encompassing everything from financial planning to investment and funding decisions.

Whether you are a finance professional or a business owner looking to enhance your understanding of corporate finance, reading books on the subject can be incredibly insightful.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the 10 best corporate finance books that are worth adding to your reading list.

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These books cover a wide range of topics, including financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation techniques.

1. “principles Of Corporate Finance” By Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, And Franklin Allen

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of corporate finance principles and practices.
  • Covers topics like capital budgeting, risk and return, and capital structure.
  • Offers real-world examples and case studies to illustrate key concepts.

2. “corporate Finance: A Practical Approach” By Michelle R. Clayman, Martin S. Fridson, And George H. Troughton

  • Focuses on practical application of corporate finance theories and concepts.
  • Covers topics such as financial statement analysis, cost of capital, and working capital management.
  • Offers insights from industry professionals and case studies.

3. “valuation: Measuring And Managing The Value Of Companies” By Mckinsey & Company

  • Provides a comprehensive guide to corporate valuation techniques.
  • Covers topics like discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis and relative valuation methods.
  • Offers insights on mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and shareholder value creation.

4. “investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, And Mergers & Acquisitions” By Joshua Rosenbaum And Joshua Pearl

  • Focuses on investment banking and the financial techniques involved in M&A and leveraged buyouts.
  • Covers valuation methods, deal structuring, and financial modeling.
  • Offers practical insights and in-depth case studies.

5. “financial Modeling And Valuation: A Practical Guide To Investment Banking And Private Equity” By Paul Pignataro

  • Provides a step-by-step guide to financial modeling techniques used in investment banking and private equity.
  • Covers topics such as building financial models, conducting sensitivity analysis, and performing valuation analysis.
  • Offers real-world examples and Excel templates for practice.

6. “applied Corporate Finance” By Aswath Damodaran

  • Focuses on applying corporate finance principles in real-world scenarios.
  • Covers topics like investment decision-making, financing and payout policies, and corporate governance.
  • Offers case studies and examples from various industries.

7. “the Intelligent Investor” By Benjamin Graham

  • Provides insights into value investing and long-term wealth creation.
  • Covers topics such as fundamental analysis, market psychology, and risk management.
  • Offers timeless investment wisdom from a renowned investor.

8. “financial Management: Theory & Practice” By Eugene F. Brigham And Michael C. Ehrhardt

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of financial management principles.
  • Covers topics such as financial statement analysis, working capital management, and international finance.
  • Offers real-world examples and practice problems.

9. “risk Management In Finance” By Anthony Tarantino And Deborah Cernauskas

  • Focuses on risk management strategies and techniques in the finance industry.
  • Covers topics like market risk, credit risk, and operational risk.
  • Offers insights on financial derivatives and risk measurement models.

10. “the Essays Of Warren Buffett: Lessons For Corporate America” By Warren Buffett And Lawrence A. Cunningham

  • Provides a collection of Warren Buffett’s letters and essays on corporate finance and investing.
  • Covers topics such as corporate governance, business valuation, and investment philosophy.
  • Offers practical insights from one of the most successful investors in the world.

These 10 books offer a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of corporate finance. Whether you are a finance professional looking to expand your skillset or a business owner seeking to make informed financial decisions, adding these books to your reading list can be highly beneficial.

So, dive into these informative and insightful books to enhance your understanding of corporate finance concepts and strategies.

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What are the best corporate finance textbooks?

Books about Corporate Finance

The best corporate finance textbooks are:

1) Principles in Corporate Finance by Richard A Brealey.

2) Corporate Finance Policy by Op Agarwal.

3) Corporate Finance by Stephen A Ross.

4) Fundamentals in Corporate Finance by Stephen A Ross.

5) Corporate Accounting by S P Jain.

I read these books during my corporate finance course, and they were useful.

You can have these books for free from MyPustak.

Corporate Finance by Ross-Westerfield-Jaffe is the best book to begin with. It has all the basic concepts you need to learn.


To conclude, these carefully curated books on corporate finance provide invaluable insights into the complex world of financial management.

Whether you are an aspiring finance professional or a seasoned executive, these books offer practical guidance, expert strategies, and real-world examples that can enhance your understanding of corporate finance.

By expanding your knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, you can make informed decisions and navigate the challenges of the business landscape more effectively. Explore these top-rated books to sharpen your financial acumen and drive success in your career.

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