7 Best Jodi Taylor Audiobooks Collection Cover in 2024

Jodi Taylor Audiobooks

If anyone wants to read or listen to some interesting stories which are full of twists and adventure, they should listen to the Jody Taylor audiobooksJudi Taylor’s writings are full of interesting short stories as well as fun.

So, if anyone likes to listen to something new and interesting, Jodi Taylor’s writings would be the best option for them.

The 7 Best Jodi Taylor Audiobooks

1. A Second Chance: The Chronicles of St Mary’s, Book 3

A Second Chance The Chronicles of St Mary's audiobook by Jodi Taylor

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Zara Ramm

If anyone finishes it, he/she would be Stunned. This series is really good but this one will surely knock you. It is so enjoyable that you will laugh so hard while reading it. The other thing is -after reading a bit more you will feel cry. And if someone sees you while reading, the poor guy must think you have lost your mind. Good story; Great narration.

Some important issues are covered in this book that will make people wonder. Here are described many things like why you shouldn’t interfere with the timeline when you are in a different time from your own. Why it is necessary to seem to have a cold and unfeeling attitude about such things.

On the other hand, the romance between Max and Chief Farrell takes a really strange turn in the story. This is another book that I had as both a Kindle book and an audible book. I mostly listened to the audible version.

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2. Little Donkey: A Short Story

Little Donkey A Short Story Audiobook by Jodi Taylor

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Lucy Price-Lewis

Brilliantly funny with a touch of sadness.

It is one of the best Christmas stories yet. The story is full of humor and love and charm. A delightful little story shot through wonderful dry humor and sarcasm. It will make anyone eager for the next installment. Anyone will enjoy it to read at Christmas time! 

Jodi Taylor is my new favorite author. She has a designation that has not changed in over 19 years. Yup! I enjoy her work very much!!

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3. Christmas Present: A Chronicles of St. Mary’s Short Story

Christmas Present A Chronicles of St Mary's Short Story Audiobook by Jodi Taylor

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Zara Ramm

This is a pretty important mini-story in this series as it sees the return of two historians who have been missing and presumed dead for the last 10 years.

And it is one of the best short stories of this time. If anyone reads this story, he/she will be addicted to the writing of this writer!  

This writing is really marvelous but if you haven’t read the whole series then you don’t know what you’re missing.

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4. No Time Like the Past: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s, Book 5

No Time Like the Past The Chronicles of St Mary's Audiobook by Jodi Taylor

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Zara Ramm

Ms. Taylor does an admiral job in writing wonderful stories. If anyone normally loves the Chronicles of St. Mary’s books, he/she will also like this one. But this was a series of identical stories set in different places and times. Whatever, the situations were interesting and each place was briefly described. The author’s touch is so light that you can’t see or feel the gears turning. Really interesting!   

So, you must want to spend more time reading this book if you want to understand the whole story.

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5. Lies, Damned Lies, and History: The Chronicles of St. Mary’s, Book 7

Lies Damned Lies and History The Chronicles of St Mary's audiobook by Jodi Taylor

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Zara Ramm

Absolutely excellent! There was nothing about this book that you wouldn’t love.

Lies, Damned Lies, and History by Jodi Taylor is just the latest in a series of books. If you read one, you would just want to read more. 

In this story, Max had a rough start in life. Her childhood was not gentle. When she struck out on her own, difficulties continued. 

Whatever the writer represented the Max character very nicely in this story. And you can see the adventure of this character in this writing. I love this story. It’s amazing.

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6. Hope for the Best: Chronicles of St. Mary’s, Book 10

Hope for the Best Chronicles of St Mary's Audiobook by Jodi Taylor

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Zara Ramm

Anyone would enjoy this new adventure in the St. Mary’s series. In this book, for all the humor and adventure and romance, Taylor infuses every page with her love of history and the folks who study it. Anyone will be in awe of Jodi Taylor’s talent!

Whatever, this is a funny, action-packed, thrilling roller-coaster ride of a book. So, you’ll laugh, you’ll feel righteous indignation, you’ll fear for Max, you’ll feel respect for Dr. Bairstow even more than you did before.

Seriously, I think this is one of the best things that Jodi Taylor has ever produced.

Buy this book, read it and Cherish it. You won’t regret it.

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7. The Nothing Girl: The Frogmorton Farm Series, Book 1

The Nothing Girl The Frogmorton Farm Series Audiobook by Jodi Taylor

Author: Jodi Taylor
Narrator: Lucy Price-Lewis

If you had read Jodi Taylor’s novel before then you will want more to read. After reading ‘The Nothing Girl’ you will find interesting short stories. It is a story full of twists and planned things. You will also have a question that is-How can a book that starts with the heroine trying to kill herself?? Isn’t it really interesting!

And the story will also touch your heart. You will ache for Jenny, the Nothing Girl, cheer for her, laugh with her, and be so very gratified with how things work out.

Whatever, this story has come with pathos, mystery, humor, great characters, surprises, love, and a Golden Horse named Thomas that only Jenny can see.

A great story!

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What Are The Best Jodi Taylor Audiobooks Available?

Some of the best Jodi Taylor audiobooks are “Just One Damned Thing After Another,” “A Symphony of Echoes,” “A Second Chance,” “Lies, Damned Lies, and History,” and “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”. These audiobooks are highly recommended for those who enjoy historical fiction, time travel, and witty humor.

Where Can I Purchase Jodi Taylor Audiobooks?

You can purchase Jodi Taylor audiobooks from various online platforms, including Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and Google Play Books. Additionally, you may find them in physical audiobook stores or libraries.

Are Jodi Taylor Audiobooks Suitable For All Ages?

Jodi Taylor’s audiobooks are generally suitable for a mature audience due to their content, which may include adult themes and language. It’s recommended for listeners above the age of 18.

What Makes Jodi Taylor’s Audiobooks Stand Out From Other Historical Fiction Titles?

Jodi Taylor’s audiobooks stand out due to their unique blend of historical fiction, time travel, and humor. The intricate yet witty storytelling, along with well-developed characters and engaging plotlines, sets her audiobooks apart from traditional historical fiction.

Can I Listen To Jodi Taylor Audiobooks For Free?

You can listen to Jodi Taylor audiobooks for free by signing up for a free trial on certain audiobook platforms, such as Audible. Additionally, some libraries offer digital audiobook lending services where you can borrow Jodi Taylor audiobooks for free with a library card.

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Judi Taylor audiobooks would be one of the best books for all ages. And if anyone wants to find unique characters in their storybooks which are also interesting, Jodi Taylor audiobooks are the best option for them.

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