Audiobooks Collection of Agatha Christie

If you ask someone which writers wrote the best fiction and interesting stories? You would get one common answer. That is the best fictional writer is Agatha Christie. So, most of you now want to read his best books which have earned a good name, right? So, here are the best of Agatha Christie’s written audiobooks for you.

Audiobooks of Agatha Christie

1. Poirot Investigates

Author: Agatha Christie

Narrator: Tim Bruce

You would love the short and sweet reads that show Poirot at his best. It has come with also a fun and intriguing read that will keep you enjoying the greatness of Agatha Christie!

It can be said that -This book is a collection of short stories, so the plots, moods, and pace are different for each one. Usually, there are surprises in each story of Christie. And this time also has seen by the readers the same things. If anyone likes Hercule Poirot, he’ll like this book.

I think those who like fiction can listen to this story. These stories are so well written as well as so absorbing that anyone could even enjoy them the second or third time reading. It is also one of Christie’s most endearing detectives. Perfect for rainy day reading.

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2. Black Coffee

Author: Agatha Christie

Narrator: John Moffatt

The story is great. You would like the plot of the story. It has a murder for Hercule Poirot to solve, but then he also has to worry about something the killer stole. I’m not going to go into detail about the story because I don’t want to ruin it for those who want to read it. As someone who has read the Hercule Poirot series with such interest, I have to say that he must read this one. 

Agatha Christie’s books never fail to entertain. I read them all to get entertainment. So, anyone can read/listen to this one if they want to get entertainment. 

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3. Muerte- en- el Nilo

Author: Agatha Christie, H. C. Grinch – translator

Narrator: Juan Miguel Díez

This is an amazing story for all ages. If anyone reads this story, they will fall in love with this story.

After reading this book, you would think it is one of the best books that you have read. However, it drags the drama too much confusion, too much guessing. 

And too many names need to keep follow-up while reading this book.

I recommend this book to read. After reading/listening, you would also recommend this one.

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4. The Secret Adversary

Author: Agatha Christie

Narrator: Emilia Fox

Tommy and Tuppence are two delightful characters in this book. These two characters made the book interesting. So, you would find this book holding your full attention. It is a spy story rather than a crime novel in which Tommy and Tuppence are employed to try and track down some important papers which were handed over to a girl named Jane Finn.

I found the first few chapters amusing, and I enjoyed the entire story. I liked this book a lot. I loved how the mystery was paced. 

I was impressed with this one. That’s why I think you would Impress others who will read this amazing book. They would find the story pretty interesting.

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5. The Complete Early Poirot Omnibus

Author: Agatha Christie, Finn J.D. John

Narrator: Finn J.D. John

The narrator of this book showed great creativity in narrating one. Also, this book has come with a great collection. Great collections including 

short stories which are great too for times when anyone wants to get in a quick story.

That’s why this book and the story are readable for everyone, especially for those who want to finish the story in a short time. This book is mostly recommended for them. I have got this book preferable to most other books which I have read before.

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6. The Early Classics of Agatha Christie

Author: Agatha Christie

Narrator: Kyle Walton

These are the earliest Christie books as well as these are wonderful. For someone who has a patient nature, this book will do well him. And the plot of the story needs a thinker who likes to read as it is full of many suspects and many motives. 

So, it will be tough to read for those who are impatient. 

Whatever The Early Classic is a great book. It’s about the first book she wrote, Mysterious Affair at Styles. I love Agatha Christie’s books. It keeps me wanting to read until the very last page. 

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7. The Innocence of Father Brown

 Author: G. K. Chesterton

Narrator: Frederick Davidson

It is just Marvelous. Anyone would truly enjoy this collection of Father Brown stories. Already many people loved it by reading/ listening to the story of this book. 

Chesterton writes in the old style reminiscent of Dickens. This style can be difficult to read for someone who hasn’t read it before, but I enjoyed it. 

I get a very satisfying feeling upon completing this type of book. I shall look for more of his works.

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8. The ABC Murders

Author: Agatha Christie

Narrator: Roger May

It is another best book by this writer. This is a suspension story. And it can be said also a detective story. In the story, here described the murderers who had been murdered. As it is a story of murders, It is really a unique story for most of you.

I had read this book before. I found it really interesting. It is also full of twists and suspects. For those who like to read suspension stories or spy-related stories, this book basically came for them.

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Agatha Christie’s audiobooks collection earned a great name from readers all over the USA. So, If you want to see his creativity, then you must read the above books. 

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