Audiobooks of Nancy Drew Diaries

10 Best Audiobooks of Nancy Drew Diaries Series

Nancy Drew is a famous series from the past. Many people loved it and at the present time, there are lots of people who really love Nancy’s story to listen to. I also love them. However, here I discussed the best collection of Nancy Drew audiobooks. If anyone listens to these audiobooks, he/she will become Nancy’s fan there is no beyond any doubt. I think you all should listen to all these audiobooks at once.

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The 10 Best Nancy Drew Audiobooks

1. Curse of the Arctic Star: Nancy Drew Diaries

Publisher’s Description

Dear Diary…Bess, George, and I are actually in Alaska! Everywhere you look, there are massive mountains and sparkling, deep-blue waters. We’re on the maiden voyage of the Arctic Star luxury cruise ship, and my old friend, Becca Wright, the assistant cruise director, needs our help. She received threatening emails before even setting sail; then a bloody body turned up in the swimming pool. And when a chandelier came crashing down in the dining room, we thought the Arctic Star may be cursed! There are so many passengers on board, I don’t know where to begin. But I’d better hurry; if I don’t act fast, this might be everyone’s final – and fatal – voyage!

My Opinion

A solid story that presents a current situation familiar to the target audience where Nancy was asked to resolve possible sabotage aboard a cruise ship to Alaska. A cast of possible suspects is introduced and clues are laid for those who attempt to solve the mystery as they read along. Nancy successfully solves the immediate situation and does so in a fair and clue based way.
The story maintained a sequence and I want to say that if you listen to this audiobook carefully, you will enjoy it.

2. Sabotage at Willow Woods: Nancy Drew Diaries

Nancy Drew Diarie

Publisher’s Description

Dear Diary… Who knew a sports field could cause so much drama? That’s what Bess, George, and I are investigating. Ever since George’s cousin, Carrie Kim, announced her candidacy for city council, along with her platform of building a new football field and a state-of-the-art sports complex, someone has been trying to sabotage the campaign! I think the Green Club may be behind this. I understand being concerned about the environment, but someone is taking it too far. Carrie has been getting threatening notes and even some more…sinister warnings. I need to figure out how to stop this before someone gets hurt.

My Opinion

Unlike other Nancy Drew books, it lacks content. It seems an extremely childish sort of story and a great book for young readers. Good mystery and timely storyline which can generate some discussion. So, if you love mystery, you can read it once. You will love it.

3. Secret at Mystic Lake: Nancy Drew Diaries

Secret at Mystic Lake

Publisher’s Description

Dear Diary…. To celebrate her birthday, George invited Bess and me on her dream trip: a three-day bike tour around the beautiful Mystic Lake Park. I’m not exactly outdoorsy, but I was excited to explore the gorgeous landscape by day and camp under the stars at night. But the tour has been nothing short of a nightmare! First, someone stole our tents. Then our trip leader, Caitlin, vanished overnight. Now we can’t find the way back to civilization, and no one in our group can agree on the next move. I’m starting to think someone is out to sabotage this trip. Could it be one of our fellow cyclists?

My Opinion

It is another great book for all ages. I think the whole series of books is well readable and well written. The story is also amazing as the previous ones of this series.
Those who have read this book, most love the story and they suggested others to read.
So, if you haven’t listened to the book then listen to it once.

4. The Stolen Show: Nancy Drew Diaries

The Stolen Show

Publisher’s Description

Nancy, Bess, and George race to catch an international jewel thief in this 18th book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to the classic mystery series.  

Nancy is helping out her Dad’s friend, Louise Alain, and her dog, Marge, at an upcoming dog show in Montreal. Marge is a professional and needs someone she can trust to handle her at the biggest show of the season. Nancy is happy to oblige, especially since Louise invited Bess and George as well!  

Of course, the three friends are investigating a crime within hours of their arrival. One of the show dogs was drugged and a giant wad of gum was matted into its hair. Louise asks Nancy to investigate and gives her a useful tip: look at the dogs – their temperaments and styles are often a good window into the hearts and minds of their owners. But instead of solving a case of competitor sabotage, Nancy discovers jewel thieves have been using the dog show circuit as a smuggling operation.  

The thieves are not comfortable with the teenage sleuth who’s asking too many questions. And when they make some serious threats, Nancy, Bess, and George quickly find themselves in dangerous territory.  

Can Nancy discover the thieves’ identity and take home the trophy? Or is this one case where the bite is worse than the bark?

My Opinion

This book is awesome! It holds such mysteries that you’ll never imagine.
I’ve read all Nancy Drew books but none this marvelous. There are twists that you’ll totally be surprised about. There are people that pretend to be who they’re not, and they themselves are a huge secret!
There is kidnapping involved just an awesome story. The entire story is full of huge secrets and also it is full of surprising twists. You will be surprised at its genius ways to capture the criminal. Whatever, it’s just a great book and must read it too.

5. A Nancy Drew Christmas: Nancy Drew Diaries

A Nancy Drew Christmas

Publisher’s Description

Nancy finds herself a Christmas mystery in this super special 18th book of the Nancy Drew Diaries series, a fresh approach to the classic mystery series. 

Nancy Drew’s dad surprises her with a trip to a beautiful New England ski resort for Christmas break. Nancy is so excited. What could be better than a whole week of skiing and five-star dining? 

But no vacation can go smoothly when Nancy is involved. On her very first run down the slopes, Nancy hits a bad patch of ice and takes a serious tumble. A doctor sends her back to the hotel in a cast and mandates 12 days of bed rest. That means no long car trips back to River Heights and 12 days of sitting around. Luckily, there’s still the five-star dining and beautiful views. 

Just hours into her convalescence, Nancy witnesses something very suspicious through another hotel room window. And when she presses the concierge, she learns there have been mysterious break-ins throughout the hotel. It’s clear someone has been going into guests’ rooms but, as far as anyone can tell, nothing has been taken. Nancy can’t resist – she has to investigate. Only trouble is, she’s still bed-bound. 

Taking some cues from Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister, Nancy devises some clever schemes to get her investigating done from her bed. But for all her plans, Nancy still can’t find the source of the break-ins. Or the purpose. What’s worse the mood of the hotel has turned decidedly un-merry. People are leaving in droves, and the jolly hotel owner is worried about the hotel’s success. 

With all the odds stacked against her, can Nancy solve this crime in time to save Christmas? Or is this one Yuletide she’ll wish to forget?

My Opinion

This is a special one for the adults. The book is not a young girl’s Nancy Drew book. It is a recently written liberal agenda book, with lengthy political type speeches about environmental issues, etc.

So, you can understand why it is not for youngsters. The adults must enjoy it and those who love political issues.

6. The Phantom of Nantucket: Nancy Drew Diaries

The Phantom of Nantucket

Publisher’s Description

Dear Diary…. I thought a trip to Nantucket with Bess and George would be a simple vacation, but of course, mysteries seem to follow me everywhere! We’re on this fun, end-of-summer trip because our friend, Jenna, has an awesome exhibit opening at the local Nantucket Nautical Museum, and we want to support her. She was really excited about it until some creep vandalized her welcome banner. Now it’s become clear that someone is out to sabotage the whole exhibit. I really need to find the culprit to help Jenna and to return some of the priceless artifacts that have gone missing from the museum. I’m pretty sure this is one beach vacation that won’t be just fun in the sun.

My Opinion

A fun read that includes some Nantucket culture! I so enjoyed this fun mystery featuring Nancy Drew that not only taught me a bit about Nantucket culture but also kept me guessing. I appreciate how thoughtful Nancy is with her friends.
So, those who love to guess about things, they will enjoy listening to this one. As it is full of guessing concepts.

7. The Red Slippers: Nancy Drew Diaries

The Red Slippers

Publisher’s Description

Dear Diary…. Bess and I were thrilled to bump into our old buddy, Maggie Rogers, a promising young dancer who is in River Heights to perform a lead role in Sleeping Beauty. But someone’s out to get Maggie. First, her phone was tampered with, making her late for rehearsal. Then her face was violently scratched out on the show’s posters, and her dressing room was trashed beyond belief. I’m determined to find out who’s trying to sabotage my friend’s career. But I have to crack this case before the big show – or it could wind up being Maggie’s last dance!

My Opinion

I read Nancy Drew and decided to check out the new age Nancy Drew. It is still suspenseful and the updated Nancy is still very nice. The ghostwriters are doing a great job of carrying on the Carolyn Keene pen name.
I tried several times to solve the mystery early in the book but I failed because the few twists don’t let me do that. It kept me going until the end. I’m pretty sure teenagers of today who like reading would like this one in their library.

8. Strangers on a Train: Nancy Drew Diaries

Strangers on a Train

Publisher’s Description

Dear diary… The good news: Bess, George, and I are on a train bound for Denali National Park, gazing at majestic Mount McKinley as we speed along. It’s truly awesome! The bad news: Someone – a creepy passenger or a disgruntled employee? – is still causing major trouble on the Arctic Star cruise ship, and now that we’re sightseeing on land, the danger has followed. Whoever it is has got even me in their sights – but I’ve been working undercover, so I have no idea how anyone discovered I’m a detective. With every step I take, I’m looking over my shoulder. The 49th state sure is proving to be treacherous territory.

My Opinion

Nancy Drew was always my hero. From my childhood, I loved nancy. Some people became grandparents but still love Nancy! And whenever they read it, it brought back their memories, but now Nancy is all grown up!
Whatever, in this present time, Nancy has great lovers also. If you never read or listen about Nancy then listen to the audiobook of this one. You will also be a big fan of Nancy, I assure you that.

9. A Script for Danger: Nancy Drew Diaries

A Script for Danger

Publisher’s Description

Dear Diary… Imagine my surprise when I heard that my old friend, Alex Burgess, was finally making his first movie – right here in River Heights! And he was sweet enough to invite George, Bess, and me for an inside glimpse behind the scenes. Of course, George wants to get a closer look at the cameras, and Bess is dying for a peek at the film’s leading man. But since the moment Alex yelled “action”, some strange things have been happening: explosions in catering, costumes streaked with blood, and threatening notes scrawled on scripts. I’ve always thought it would be exciting to visit a movie set, but I never imagined that the real drama would be behind the camera….

My Opinion

In this Book, when Nancy and her friends meet Brian Newsome, Nancy knew there was going to be a mystery. In the end, Nancy figured everything.
I recommend you all to listen to the audiobook because I liked this awesome Nancy Drew book. My recommendations are both for the older and younger kids.

10. The Clue at Black Creek Farm: Nancy Drew Diaries

The Clue at Black Creek Farm

Publisher’s Description

Dear diary… I’m not exactly a farm girl, but even I was excited to meet farmers Sam and Abby Heyworth. Through their CSA (that’s community-supported agriculture), they supply most of River Heights with fresh fruits and veggies. But lately, Black Creek’s food has been making people sick. Really sick. In fact, tests revealed that their fruits and vegetables are crawling with deadly bacteria!

The Heyworths swear that someone is contaminating their food on purpose. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to sabotage a farm…but I’m going to find out!

My Opinion

This book has come with a big improvement! This story is more suspenseful and intriguing, and you will definitely like the scary scene where Nancy gets chased down by a knife-wielding crook!
So overall this was a fun book to read and deserves the best recommendations.
Good for young girls as young as nine or ten. Lots of fun is available in this book. Especially for the young girls and it came without sex and violence.
Whatever, it’s really fun to try to figure out what the outcome of the investigation is. So, the young girls must enjoy this one, I think.

From the above, you might have understood why Nancy has a lot of fans. However, Nancy Drew audiobooks are the best books of all time I think.

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