Audible: How Does It Works and Benefits of Membership?

What is Audible, How Does It Works and Benefits of Membership

You don’t have to be a bookworm to admit the fact that the invention of audiobooks is the next best thing ever happened to mankind since the sliced bread. And Audible is simply the market leader here. With tens of thousands of readily available books at an affordable cost, it’s the heaven of book-loving people … Read more

How to Download & Remove Audible Manager

How to Download Remove Audible Manager

You can still enjoy your favorite audiobooks while you are not online. Thanks to the Audible Download Manager (ADM)! It’s a simple program for Windows users that lets you download all of your books to your computer. You can play these downloaded audiobooks with iTunes and Windows Media Player. And of course, you can play those files … Read more

Return an AudioBook on Audible: Step-by-Step Guide in 2021

How to return an audible book

Audible book return is another benefit of being their member. Not necessarily you will love all the audiobooks you buy, so there should be a mechanism to return them. And Audible Exchange/Return Program lets you exactly that! However, that program does not work like a product exchange policy. The return policy of Amazon and Audible are … Read more

Download Audible Books on iPhone, PC, Mac, & Android [Guide]

Download Audible Books on iPhone PC Mac Android

The biggest advantage of having an audible membership is that you can download audible books to every device. That gives you the freedom to listen to these audiobooks offline everywhere. Irrespective of the operating system you have or whether you have a desktop or phone, you can keep your purchased audiobooks to such devices forever. In this … Read more

Cancel an Audible Subscription in 2021 [In-depth Guide]

Cancel an Audible Subscription

It happens a lot when we need to take a break from everything, even from listening to the audiobooks! Many reasons may lead to that decision luckily there are plenty of ways on how to cancel an Audible membership. But the membership comes with credits. What will happen to those credits if you cancel your plan? … Read more

Solution for Audible App Crashing [2021 Guide]

Solution for Audible App Crashing

It happens sometimes when your phone stops working. It can happen due to any mobile apps. And like that, Audible app crashing is no different. Yes, it’s frustrating but there are some fixes too. There is no particular issue with the Audible app, it happens mainly because of your smartphone. In this article, I will talk about … Read more

[In-depth Guide] Listen to Audible Books on Apple Watch

Listen to Audible Books on Apple Watch

You can still listen to your favorite audiobooks even if you leave your iPhone at home. All you need is an Apple Watch. For bookworms, Audible on Apple Watch is exactly what they need to utilize their spare time. Audible always strive their best to serve their beloved audiobooks lover. This is their latest gift for them. … Read more

Read and Listen to Audible Audiobooks at a Time: In-depth Guide

Read and Listen to Audible Audiobooks at a Time

For an engaging and more immersive experience, you can now synchronize between reading and listening at the same time with the touch of your fingerprint. If you love e-book and audiobooks, this can come in handy! Our eyes often get tired of reading a book for hours. Now you can switch to listening to the … Read more

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