Rice Room: Growing Up Chinese-American from Number Two Son to Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rice Room

Written By: Ben Fong-Torres
Voice/Narrated: Ben Fong-Torres
Series: N/A
Audio Length: 10 hours and 19 minutes
Whispersync for Voice: No
Audio Release: February 22, 2021
Publisher: Audible Studios
Version: Unabridged
First Published: 1994
Copyright: 1994, 2011 Ben Fong-Torres (P)2021 Audible, Inc.

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Publisher Summary

One of America’s best-known rock and entertainment journalists describes his journey from his childhood, cooped up in the “rice room” of his family’s restaurant in Oakland’s Chinatown, where he did chores, to the major role he played as a writer and editor at Rolling Stone. It is a story of teen worship of Elvis, but also of Chinese customs and the tragic murder of his brother, and of the ’60s scene in San Francisco, where he found freedom – and his career. 

About Ben Fong-Torres

Benjamin Fong-Torres (Fāng Zhènháo) is an American rock journalist, author, and broadcaster best known for his association with Rolling Stone magazine (through 1981) and the San Francisco Chronicle (from around 1982).

Due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, Fong-Torres’ father, Ricardo Fong-Torres (born Fong Kwok Seung), changed his surname to Torres and posed as a Filipino citizen in order to emigrate to the United States. His family later adopted the hyphenated surname, Fong-Torres. He is the brother of Shirley Fong-Torres.

He was portrayed in the 2000 film Almost Famous by actor Terry Chen. The fictional version of Fong-Torres was character William Miller’s editor at Rolling Stone.

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