Return an AudioBook on Audible: Step-by-Step Guide in 2021

Audible book return is another benefit of being their member. Not necessarily you will love all the audiobooks you buy, so there should be a mechanism to return them. And Audible Exchange/Return Program lets you exactly that!

However, that program does not work like a product exchange policy. The return policy of Amazon and Audible are NOT the same. In this article, I have discussed every ins-and-out about that. 

Audible’s Return Policy

Can you return the audible book? The simple answer is Yes. If you are unsatisfied with any of your purchased audiobooks, Audible allows you to return it. However, that comes with a catch and I will explain that shortly.

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Let’s see it’s incredibly liberal return policy:

  • Any member of any subscription plan can return their purchased audiobooks.
  • Yes, even if you listened to the book already, you can still return it.
  • If you used your credit to buy the book, you will get back your credits. Meaning, the refund system works the same way you buy the book.
  • The audiobook must be returned within 1 year from the date of purchase.

As I said above, it’s return policy is incredibly liberal just like the Amazon. Audible lets you return audiobooks so that you feel comfortable trying random books from the various narrator. 

But if you misuse the Audible book return policy, they will understand you are abusing their flexible return policies. Hence, you will be unable to return your books.

How to Return Audible Books?

The process to return a book is as easy as purchasing a book from Audible. And you can do it from your smartphone or your desktop. Here is the step by step process to return your books from a desktop:

1. Go to the official website of Audible and log in to your account. You will find your name at the top corner of the website. Click on it.

2. When you click on your name, you will find ‘Account Details’ from the dropdown menu.

Audible Account details

3. Click the ‘Account Details’ page and you will find the ‘Purchase History’ list item on the left side of the page.

4. Click the ‘Purchase History’ option. You will see all the audiobooks you have bought so far. 

Audible Purchase History

5. There is a ‘Return Title’ button on the right side of each of your books. Click the one you want to return.

Return Audible Audiobooks

6. Select your reason to return the book. You will find several radio button options to select your reason.

Select the Reason

7. Lastly, click the ‘Return Title’ button and you have just returned your audiobook successfully!

If you want to return the Audible book on mobile, the process is the same. Just follow the above steps in your cellphone, you will be good to go!

FYI: Depending on how many books you have already returned, sometimes you may get the notice ‘Not eligible for self-service exchange’. You can still return the book. But you will have to return it through Audible assistance.

What Type of Refund Will You Receive? How Long Does a Refund Take?

Whatever was your payment system for the returning book, you will get the return exactly that way. I said that before, but let’s elaborate this now.

Audible members commonly use credits to purchase their books. So, upon successful return, they will get their credits back. But if you used coupons, you will get new coupons.

Now, how long should it take to have a refund?

Well, you should get back your credit almost momentarily. However, if you chose another payment option, it may take up to 10 working days for the refund.

If you use your credit/debit card to buy audiobooks and return multiple of them, you will get back your money individually for each title. Each of such book title return will take 7 to 10 working days.

But how many audible books can you return? Well, as long as you don’t abuse the exchange/return policy, you can return all of your purchased books.

Why Audible Returned Book Still in Library? What to do Next?

This should not happen often, but due to technical glitch, you may still see the returned audiobooks in the library. 

If that happens, you can delete the book from your library, and once deleted, it will no longer be available in your library. Also, the below steps won’t work if your Audible account is not linked to your Amazon account. Now, follow the steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon desktop site, log in to your account. 
  2. Visit the ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ section and select the ‘Your Content’ tab. Just below that tab, you will find a ‘Books’ button. Click on it.
  3. Clicking the ‘Books’ button will show you more options. Click on the ‘Audiobooks’ to see your full Audible Library.
  4. Select the desired book you want to delete permanently. And click the Delete button.
  5. Lastly, click the ‘Yes, delete permanent’ option. 
  6. And just like that, the audiobook will be removed from your library completely.


I’m not an Audible member, can I return or exchange my book?

Yes, you can but the number of books you can return is limited. For every 6 months, you can return up to 2 audiobooks. If you want to return book on Audible more than that quota, you must have a membership plan.

Are You Allowed to Return Books You’ve Listened to In Full?

Yes, you can still return the book but if you do it frequently, Audible will treat it as abusive and may not let you return the book.

Is it Possible to Return Too Many Books on Audible?

You can return all the books you purchased from Audible if you are not satisfied. But it’s not normal to return too many books in a short time. And keep your mind that Audible is highly intelligent enough to understand whether you are misusing the system or not. 

How long does an audible refund take?

You will get back your credits as soon as you return it. For other payment systems, it may take from 7 to 10 working days.


The Audible book return policies are there to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Take advantage of it and as you can see, the entire process is fairly easy to follow. As a good listener, just don’t take it to the abusive level.

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