Personal Injuries Book Show a Dark side

Scott Turow is an American lawyer and author. Personal Injuries book is his fifth book. The legal thriller section became popular because of his Personal Injuries book. There are 11 fiction and three non-fiction books he has written. All of his books are well known. His books are translated into more than 40 languages. That’s why some of his books are used in movies and dramas. He won the Order of Lincoln award in 2000 and also he was a Laureate of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois.

Personal Injuries Book Review

The story of this book is all about corrupted people and how people misuse the law. Here the writer showed the hidden side of the lawyers. Robbie Feaver is a personal injuries lawyer and the main character of this book. And he is also an ambitious lawyer. The FBI found there’s something mysterious about Robbie’s secret bank account. For that reason, they searched his history. And found that he has a mysterious money transaction. Where he transferred the money to several judges. Most importantly those judges had involved in his injuries cases. The detective of the crime branch found that there was a group of corrupt judges behind this scam. So, the FBI made a trap to track all the members of this group to catch along with solid proof. That’s why they asked Robbie to join with their mission.

Personal Injuries Book

The suspense creates from this section. Because Robbie didn’t know how to solve this problem. Although he was guilty, he asked for help from  Attorney Stan Sennett. With his help, he decided to work with the FBI. Therefore the story turned into 360 degrees. This time Robbie worked as an informer to catch all the corrupted people. The FBI assigns an agent to help him. How they solve this whole case and what difficulties they faced we could feel everything. Because the writer has great writing skills to narrate such stories smoothly. That’s why we should check out this book and grab the chance to find out how they solve this difficult problem. To find out more about this book just click here.

Publisher’s Summary

To Robbie Feaver the law is all about making a play-to a client, a jury, or a judge. But when the flashy, womanizing, multimillion-dollar personal injury lawyer is caught offering bribes, he’s forced to wear a wire. Even as the besieged attorney looks after his ailing wife, Feaver must also make tapes that will hurl his friends, his enemies, his city, and a particular FBI undercover agent into a crisis of conscience and law. Now Robbie Feaver is making the play of his life.

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