Listen to Audible Books on Apple Watch

[In-depth Guide] Listen to Audible Books on Apple Watch

You can still listen to your favorite audiobooks even if you leave your iPhone at home. All you need is an Apple Watch. For bookworms, Audible on Apple Watch is exactly what they need to utilize their spare time.

Audible always strive their best to serve their beloved audiobooks lover. This is their latest gift for them. In this article, you will learn everything about listening to your books on your Apple Watch.

What you’ll need before listening on apple watch?

If you want to get the most out of your Apple Watch and Audible, there are some other prerequisites too. Make sure you have the following:

  1. An iPhone that has an iOS version of 12 or above.
  2. Apple Watch with iOS version 5 or higher.
  3. Official Audible app (updated). 
  4. An Audible account that has at least 1 audiobook. 
  5. Bluetooth speakers or headphones. 

How to download audible audiobooks on your iPhone?

You can download all of your purchased audiobooks to your iPhone. Sadly, you can’t buy any Audible audiobooks directly using the Audible app. Because Amazon does not want to pay a 30% fee to Apple. That’s another story.

But you can still buy your books with your iPhone using the Safari browser. Log in to your Audible account with your credentials. Buy any books you like. All of your purchased books will be available to your Library section of your account.

Learn How to download audible on your iphone.

Now, log in to your Audible account from the app. Go to the library. You will see your audiobooks there. From the library, you can download your books on your iPhone! 

Download or Sync audiobooks from audible to apple watch

It’s time to start listening to your audiobooks with the Apple Watch. To do so, you need to install the Audible app for Apple Watch first. It’s easy to do, just follow the step by step guides:

  1. If your Apple Watch is not connected with your iPhone already, connect them now.
  2. From your phone, open the Apple Watch app.
  3. Find the ‘My Watch’ tab from there and tap it.
  4. You will find ‘Available Apps’ if you scroll down a bit.
  5. Right next to the Audible app, tap the install button, and you are done!

How long does it take to download audible books to apple watch?

To answer shortly, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes. But let me be first very clear about something. 

You don’t actually download your audiobooks to Apple Watch directly. Instead, you are simply doing an Audible Apple Watch sync and you can sync it with your iPhone. 

Meaning, you have to download it first on your iPhone. Only then you can sync the book from your iPhone with your Apple Watch. 

With that being said, of course, the audiobook will take space and the syncing also takes time mentioned above.

Listen to audible audiobooks on apple watch

Assuming you have successfully synced your audiobooks with your Apple Watch and you have paired your headphone with it, follow the steps to listen to your books:

  1. On your Apple Watch, voice command Siri to open the Audible App. Alternatively, you can move the knob on your Watch and open the app tapping it.
  2. You can immediately start listening by tapping the Play button. Your most recently listened audiobook will be displayed.
  3. The playback controls have all the functions you need like play/pause, back/forward, and sleep timer too. 
  4. If you need to access different chapters of your audiobook, there are some secondary controls too. Firmly press the player screen and you will get access to the chapter list, narration speed, even delete option. Enjoy your books at your own pace!

Now, what if you want to listen to a different audiobook? You can access any other books that are already synced with your Apple Watch. Let’s see how.

  1. On the lower-left corner of your Apple Watch’s player screen, there is a library icon. Tap it.
  2. You should be able to see all the synced books here. 
  3. Tap on any book you want to listen to. Yes, it’s that simple!

Remove audible audiobooks from apple watch

Sadly, there is not much space in Apple Watch. Often, you will have to remove files to clear the memory. That includes removing audiobooks that you have already listened to. 

Removing them from the Audible for Apple Watch is fairly easy too. You can follow these steps:

  1. You will need the secondary controls to delete any audiobooks. Firmly tap the Player Screen to get these controls.
  2. A Delete option will appear. Tap it.
  3. The audiobook will be removed from your Apple Watch.

There are two more ways to remove your audiobooks from your watch. First, you can remove it from your iPhone. Simply go to the My Library from the Audible app and remove the book from the watch.

And lastly, if you return any audiobook, it will automatically disappear from the Apple Watch. 


Do I need Wi-Fi or cellular for listing audible on the apple watch?

No, you don’t need either of them. All the syncing will be done by Bluetooth! But of course, if you use Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth to sync, it will be faster.

Can I listen to audible books offline?

Yes, that’s the beauty of Audible! But you will have to download your purchased books first. Then you can access them offline anywhere.

Why won’t my audible book play on my Apple Watch?

It happens and there may be many reasons. The simple solution is uninstalling the Audible app both from the watch and from your iPhone. Then reinstall it! 

Why does it take so long to sync audible to Apple Watch?

Well, if you try to sync with Bluetooth it will take relatively a long time. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, try to sync with that instead.


Audible is doing everything to keep their listeners entertained all the time. Introducing Audible on Apple Watch is another effort to make it happen. With an Apple Watch, you can now enjoy your audiobooks everywhere you go!

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