Audible: How Does It Works and Benefits of Membership?

You don’t have to be a bookworm to admit the fact that the invention of audiobooks is the next best thing ever happened to mankind since the sliced bread. And Audible is simply the market leader here.

With tens of thousands of readily available books at an affordable cost, it’s the heaven of book-loving people around the world. In this in-depth article, you will know every ins-and-out of how does Audible works so that you can pass a great time reading your favorite books.

How Does Audible Subscription Work?

It may come to you as a shock knowing that if you buy an audiobook outright, it may cost you as much as $40! Luckily, Audible has a subscription system to keep the cost at a minimum level.

So, I strongly recommend going for the subscription system to keep your spending in check and to get the most out of it. But you must learn how the subscription system work, right?

As soon as you open an Audible account, you will get one month trial period to have a taste. To give you an amazing experience with Audible during this trial period, you will get one audiobook of your choice. More so, there will be two Audible Originals for you!

At the end of this trial period, you will have to pick a subscription to continue. Luckily, there are plenty of subscription options to choose from depending on your need.

Out of so many options, there are 4 membership plans available that may interest you most: Gold & Premium. Each plan has both monthly and yearly subscription plans.   

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No matter what subscription plan you pick, there will be 1 credit for each month. That means you will get 12 credits if you pick the annual subscription plan. Later in this article, I will explain how you can leverage the credit to your advantage.

Audible Membership Benefits

Apart from improving your listening experience, there are countless benefits to an Audible membership program. You will get some exclusive benefits and exciting promotional offers that others won’t even know about them!

Audible Monthly Plan and Credits

Let’s check some of these exciting benefits:

  • There are plenty of members-only promotions and you will get advanced notice of all such deals.
  • There are plenty of single-volume audiobooks on their official website where you can redeem your monthly or yearly credits. For each credit, you will get one audiobook.
  • As long as your membership is active, you can retain your credits for up to one year.
  • Exclusive exchange/return policy. If you are not happy with your title you can return it even after one year of your purchase.
  • Access to countless daily deals that you can buy at an exciting discounted rate.

Extra Notes On Membership Benefits

I need to clear the return/exchange policy to avoid future disappointments. You can indeed exchange/return any audiobook within one year from your purchase date.

Audible allows that just to give you the power to taste a new story. However, if it is overused, Audible reserves the right to limit or even total stop this benefit. This is just to ensure the true spirits of the program.

Audible Monthly Plan and Credits

Alright, now that we know all the membership benefits, you may be wondering how much is an audible subscription, right?

Audible Monthly Plan and Credits

Let’s have an idea of how much each of these plans may cost you. But I need to clear something first.

The rate for each of these plans does not stay fixed over time. For several reasons including promotional activities and special occasions, these rates change dramatically.

As all the Audible subscription plans are associated with the credit system, the cost is linked to the credit you get from each plan.

To give you a rough idea for now, the monthly gold plan will cost you around $15 and the monthly platinum plan will cost you more or less $23. You will save money if you pick the annual plan.

This is how…

Whereas the annual gold plan will cost you approximately $120, the annual platinum plan will cost you around $230 for the first year. The cost will vary for the subsequent years.

To have the precise cost estimation, you must learn how much are Audible credits, right? If you pick the monthly gold package you will get 1 credit and that credit will cost you $14.95.

But if you pick the monthly platinum package, you will get 2 credit for each month and each credit will cost you $ 11.48 (approx.). So, per month it will be $22.95 in total.

However, to save yourself some money, you will get the best rate from the annual Gold/Platinum package.

For the Gold Annual Plan, you will get 12 credits and each credit will cost you $9.96. If you want to save more money, pick the Annual Platinum Plan where you will get 24 credits and each credit will cost you $9.57 only!

Alright, you already know how does Audible works, but what happens if you run out of credits?

Well, if that happens during any package period you pick, Audible will offer you to buy extra credits. But it’s worth mentioning here that there are other subscription plans like Audible Escape Plan and Enterprise Plan where you can’t buy any extra credits.

I know it still sounds costly. But don’t worry. To my experience, Audible often offers up to 30% to 40% discounts will lots of other benefits like exchanging audiobooks and sometimes free Audible Originals!

Audible For Family

Sadly, Audible does not offer any family plan. There is nothing to be disappointed yet. Instead of the family plan, there is an Amazon Household Library option that you can take advantage of.

The household library program works exactly like the family plan. You can expect everything that you expect from a family plan where you can share your audiobooks across the devices of your household.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s learn more about the household program. In that program, you can share any audiobooks with your family member. Don’t get me wrong. You can share audiobooks but you CAN’T share your Audible membership benefits.

If that sounds exciting to you and if you plan to have this package, you need to stay organized and plan to take full advantage of it. And the program comes with a catch!

If two or more persons try to access the same book at the same time, this will get mixed up. Always maintain a shared Google Doc to list all the books and mark the one you have finished reading.

This should be done by all the family members whoever shares this Audible feature. Here are some tips to follow when you are part of the program:

  1. Without asking permission from the person who is paying the fee, do not buy anything from the Audible. There will be pop-ups with exciting offers that you may want to avail, but ask permission from the person paying the bill.
  2. Just because you know the content of a book, you should not ruin it for other family members. You can suggest anything interesting but do not spoil the story.
  3. Don’t buy weird stuff even using your won credit card. If you have to, give advanced notice to other members as a heads-up. Not everyone likes to see weird horror books in his/her shared account.
  4. You can access the account from all the devices but sign out from the app from the device you are not using to read right now. Don’t forget, Audible lets you keep up to 3 mobile apps activated at the same time. So, learn to sacrifice for others by signing out from the app when you are not reading.

Audible With Amazon Prime

Audible is not like Prime Video. So, it does not come free with your Amazon Prime membership. I know why there is some confusion about it.

You will get some audiobooks free for your Prime membership but Audible membership is not still free. However, during special occasions like Prime Day, you may get the Audible membership at a discounted rate that will simply wow you.

Protip: Clear your confusion about amazon prime and amazon audible.

In a nutshell, apart from free access to the Audible channels and around 50 selected free audiobooks, Amazon Prime members get nothing special from the Audible. It’s a completely separate service.

How To Get Free Audible Credits?

Whatever free credits you get when signing up, that’s all free credits you can get legally. Of course, there are plenty of Blackhat techniques to get free credits but they are not legal. 

Hence I strongly oppose searching for illegal ways to cheat the system. This will get you nothing but trouble. However, follow the steps to get the best out of your legal free credits:

  1. Get 2 free credits as soon as you sign up.
  2. Use the free credits to get your audiobooks during the period.
  3. Download your free audiobooks to your device and return it within the allowed time to get back your free credits.
  4. Now, you can use the returned credits to down 2 more audiobooks!

FAQs About Audible

Let’s answer some of your frequently asked questions briefly.

Is audible owned by Amazon?

Yes. It’s a subsidiary of Amazon.

Do I own the books I buy on audible?

Yes, even if you cancel the subscription you will own the complete rights of your purchased audiobooks.

Is audible free with Prime?

No. It’s a completely different and separate service where you need to pay separately.

Sum Up

I don’t have to remind you how cool it is to listen to your favorite audiobooks. Audible has just taken it to the next level. I believe I have explained everything you need to know about how does Audible works. Drop your question in the comment box if you need to learn more about it.

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