The Ultimate Audible Originals Review in 2021

Audible Originals Review

Do you love to read books but don’t have enough time? Have you ever wanted to try Audiobook apps but doubt their capability? Then Audible is here to give the answers to all of your questions. Audible is one of the most used audiobook service providers in the world. With more than three hundred thousand … Read more

The 20 Best Audible Originals Audiobooks

Audible Originals

If you are a smartphone user, then you must be acknowledged by Audible. Audible has one of the most extensive audiobooks and podcast collections. You can read any of your favorite audiobooks here if you purchase a subscription. In their Originals section, you can find exclusive and interesting original audiobooks and podcasts. That is why … Read more

Audible: How Does It Works and Benefits of Membership?

What is Audible, How Does It Works and Benefits of Membership

You don’t have to be a bookworm to admit the fact that the invention of audiobooks is the next best thing ever happened to mankind since the sliced bread. And Audible is simply the market leader here. With tens of thousands of readily available books at an affordable cost, it’s the heaven of book-loving people … Read more

Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks: Expectations Vs. Reality

Kindle Unlimited Audiobooks vs Audible Audiobooks

It’s called Kindle Unlimited simply because it has a 6 million+ collection of eBooks. It has a 200,000 collection of audiobooks alone. But then again, there are prominent rivals like the Audible. So, a reality check on Kindle unlimited audiobooks is necessary. In this article, you will get what are the common limitation of Kindle and how … Read more

How to Download & Remove Audible Manager

How to Download Remove Audible Manager

You can still enjoy your favorite audiobooks while you are not online. Thanks to the Audible Download Manager (ADM)! It’s a simple program for Windows users that lets you download all of your books to your computer. You can play these downloaded audiobooks with iTunes and Windows Media Player. And of course, you can play those files … Read more

Guide to Getting Free Access & 30% Audible Student Discount

Get Free Access & 30% Audible Student Discount

Amazon understands the struggle of the students to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of books, outings, foods, etc. So, they offer free access and a 30% Audible student discount to keep the cost at a minimum. Everyone understands your tight budget and economic dependency. So, it’s a common idea that listening to Audible will add extra … Read more

Return an AudioBook on Audible: Step-by-Step Guide in 2021

How to return an audible book

Audible book return is another benefit of being their member. Not necessarily you will love all the audiobooks you buy, so there should be a mechanism to return them. And Audible Exchange/Return Program lets you exactly that! However, that program does not work like a product exchange policy. The return policy of Amazon and Audible are … Read more

Download Audible Books on iPhone, PC, Mac, & Android [Guide]

Download Audible Books on iPhone PC Mac Android

The biggest advantage of having an audible membership is that you can download audible books to every device. That gives you the freedom to listen to these audiobooks offline everywhere. Irrespective of the operating system you have or whether you have a desktop or phone, you can keep your purchased audiobooks to such devices forever. In this … Read more

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